We have translated a wide range of documents including dissertations, brochures, websites, newspaper articles, contracts, grant applications, letters, corporate presentations, annual reports and balance sheets, and art catalogues. Some of the fields we work with are: marketing, tourism, art, sociology, religion, business, IT and media. These are the languages we work with on a regular basis: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and French.

Text correction

In addition to translating services, e-verba can also proofread and improve existing translations. Many translators fail to faithfully reproduce the tone and style of a text. If the translator is not a native speaker or an experienced writer, the work will not be of the highest quality. At best, the style of the text will be altered. At worst, the text will be incomprehensible. We check translations not only for accuracy and grammar but also for tone and rhythm. We apply the same expertise and sensibility we use in our translations to improve your texts.

Translation summaries

Often clients do not require a translation of the full text, but rather the main ideas. This is especially the case of companies that track local media coverage of their products and activities on a daily basis. E-verba can analyze newspaper and magazine articles as well as radio and television broadcasts, and provide a detailed summary of the contents the same day.

Copywriting and editing

Some years ago, a few of our clients inquired as to whether e-verba provided copywriting and editing services: they were eager to take full advantage of our teams’ unique combination of field-specific expertise and writing skills. As a result, e-verba has written and reworked product descriptions, picture captions, media blurbs and other texts that our clients require. As with our translations, we always ensure the same quality work and professional service.