Areas of Expertise


Thanks to the proliferation of biennales and art fairs, the art scene is increasingly international and, hence, requires more and more translation services. E-verba’s team of specialized art translators consists of art critics, curators and art historians who are prepared to tackle the specific terminology of contemporary art. Similarly, they are well versed in the wide range of issues that contemporary art addresses (post-colonialism, theories of subjectification and gender, etc). As a result of our excellent work, e-verba's clients include Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Inhotim, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires, Art Forum, Biennial de Mercosur, Parkett and others.

Our museum produces around five major catalogues a season, most of them with long curatorial texts as well as an introduction from the museum’s director, photographs with captions, and on occasion an accompanying historical text. In addition, we regularly require press releases, fundraising materials and even loan agreements to be translated, often on a tight schedule. The ability of e-verba’s team not only to accurately translate the content of those texts into a number of languages, but also to capture their different tones is why we use them for all the museum’s published materials.
Socorro Giménez Cubillos, Exhibition Coordinator, Museo de Arte Latino Americano de Buenos Aires

IT and Telecommunications

E-verba has a team of professionals well versed in information technology and its application in diverse fields. We have collaborated with a broad range of IT firms that export their software and other technology solutions, ensuring that their texts are clear and their services described in detail. E-verba also works with multinational firms that need to localize their product information for specific countries in Latin America as well as the Latino market in the United States, finding the terms and tone that best fit each context. Our translation work in IT has covered topics such as hardware, software, virtualization, applications, cloud computing, web conferencing, online education, GPS and mapping, online tourism, remote healthcare solutions and others. With e-verba, you can count on the most robust interpretation of your text into any language.

New technologies have brought with them a flurry of novel concepts, from mobile lifestyles to cloud technology and virtualization, and translators must be up to the task of reflecting this new world. E-verba is our preferred IT translation partner not only because they keep abreast of the latest technical terminology, but also because of their reasonable rates, quick responses to queries, and rapid turnaround times. They combine excellent prose with the ability to locate the precise term, no matter how technical it may be.
Sebastian Tedesco, Director of Business Development, Paginar

Public Relations and Advertising

Communications are a critical part of what public relations companies do, and translations are essential to keeping afloat in an increasingly global world. E-verba is a critical partner to a number of PR firms that regularly translate press releases, media summaries and contingency strategies for their clients. This requires in-depth knowledge of local language and codes, which e-verba provides through native translation professionals. It also requires fast turnaround times, which e-verba is able to ensure through its broad network of collaborators. Our work for leading PR firms has encompassed a variety of fields and industries such as information technology, banking and finance, gas and oil, food and beverages, mining and telecommunications.

Our PR firm handles multinational clients from many different sectors who often need to get critical company information to partners and media sources abroad as quickly as possible. We know we can count on e-verba to convey the key concepts to the target audience and stakeholders. E-verba has the expertise we need in a wide range of business fields as well as the resources to meet tight deadlines.
Lala Gonzalez Villanueva, Partner/Director, SVGV


Translating a film script or screenplay requires a nuanced understanding of the way people speak and the ability to reproduce it in another language and cultural context. In film projects, the dangers of literal translation are great and can easily lead to misinterpretation or outright nonsense. E-verba’s film translators are not only native speakers, but also individuals tuned into the subtlety of the spoken word. They capture what lies behind often deceptively simple speech, and their translations reflect the subtleties of meaning and the flow of language. Filmmakers and production companies have entrusted e-verba not only with scripts and screenplays, but also with treatments, synopses, grant applications and director’s statements.

We pitch a great many film projects to production companies based abroad and, as a result, we depend on quality translations of scripts and screenplays, as well as plot summaries and licensing agreements, to establish crucial working relationships. We had worked with a number of translation agencies and individual translators until we came into contact with e-verba. Since we started working with them, we have entrusted several feature-length projects to their team and have been thrilled with the results. Their translations have proven a real asset to our business.
Carolina Agunin, Production Coordinator, K&S Films