About Us

Founded in 2003, e‑verba specializes in translation projects of all sizes. Be it contracts or websites, brochures or catalogues, academic dissertations or cooking manuals, our high-quality translations get your message across. No matter what the subject, e‑verba guarantees accuracy for any type of translation and delivers your texts on time. In addition, e‑verba employs the latest translation tools, which ensure consistency and speed for longer and ongoing projects.

What sets e‑verba apart from other translation agencies is that all of our collaborators translate into their native languages and all texts are proofread by a second professional. Our collaborators include native English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian and Spanish speakers. These translators have a wide array of backgrounds, but they possess a common commitment to language. E‑verba understands that communication is not just a question of what you say but how you say it: our team of professionals has both the skills to translate and the talent to get your message across.

Jane Brodie and Wendy Gosselin

Jane Brodie


After graduating from Brown University with a degree in Modern Culture and Media in 1990, Jane Brodie moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Soon thereafter, she began to work as an English teacher and translator. The writing skills that she acquired from her liberal arts education have attracted a wide range of clients but her areas of expertise are the arts and academic writing.

Wendy Gosselin


With a Master’s degree in Latin American Studies, Wendy Gosselin has in-depth knowledge of Latin American culture. Fluent in both Spanish and Portuguese, she arrived in Buenos Aires to direct a university study abroad program in 1997. However, she soon discovered that working with language was her true vocation. As a translator, she specializes in media monitoring, business and tourism.